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TINUP (Talents Identification and Nurturing Project)

Under this project, financial assistance is given in the form of monthly stipends as well as lump sum grant to meritorious but financially disadvantageous and poor students on the basis of their result in the CCB Scholarship Examination which is held in three classes- classes IV, V and VI. Each student gets Tk. 150/- per month for 1st Grade Scholarship, Tk. 100/- per month for 2nd Grade Scholarship and Tk. 75/- per month for 3rd Grade Scholarship respectively. Besides, lump-sum grant and some financial assistance for educational equipments are also provided for the students in every year in accordance with need and requirements of poor but meritorious students as non-qualifying scholarship.

There are two objectives of this project: (i) identifying merit of a student from childhood; and (ii) nourishing the merit so that poor but meritorious students are not derailed or dropped out from the line of education up until the university stage. If there is no scope of identifying merit, there is no question of nourishing the same also. With a view to identifying merit and talents among poor students, CCB Foundation arranges scholarship examination for classes four, five and six. If a student shows potential in any of the examination, the Foundation will take special care to him/her so that his/her studies are continued. The representative of CCB Foundation regularly maintain communications with students, their guardians and teachers and look after their education and related matters.

This project is special and critically important from the view point that most of the scholarships and stipends (e.g. Dutch-Bangla Scholarship, Southeast Bank Scholarship, Human Development Foundation Interest-Free Loan etc.) are available only after SSC examination. However, CCB Foundation scholarship starts from class IV and as such this project has high potential in reducing dropping out of poor students from classes IV to VI. At the same time, this project provides some quality grammar books which assist students positively in enriching their level of knowledge.

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