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Importance of Education: Think for a Moment Please!

Have we ever thought deeply, which of the followings, in the context of Bangladesh, should be given more priority by us? (1) Assisting financially the poor and distressed people of the country? (2) Providing shelter and money for the older people? (3) Providing medical services for the poor people? (4) Educating a generation of our poor children? By doing the first three schemes, you may earn name and fame immediately; you may solve some problems of some people for a short period of time, but you cannot ensure any permanent solution to these needs. This is because in the lives of illiterate people these problems and needs will never end. However, if you can accomplish the fourth scheme, in other words, if you can somehow educate a generation of poor children up to a certain level, or if you can at least make them continue their education up to university level (forgetting the question of quality for the first generation), you will see a magic change; you will discover to your surprise that gradually; those problems will be solved automatically. No family planning representative need to visit an educated family; no NGO representative need to render various health and other services to an educated family. Education is a master key of personal and national development and that is why an educated person or an educated family learns how to solve all these problems on their own. So, CCB Foundation invites you to come forward to make a generation of our poor children educated for the greater interest of our national development and progress. Only an educated person has the well sense of dignity of life and realities. An educated person will rather keep starving than begging in the street. Educated people will usually not go for legal aid; they will always try to avoid litigation; thus educating a generation will mean gradual reducing the number of pending litigations; reducing seeking assistance from police. Education will lead to a level playing field in all spheres of life and there will certainly be a reduction of discrimination in most of the spheres of life and thus abuse and discrimination by police, judges, judicial officers, rich, powerful persons, and government officers, will eventually be reduced. There are five categories of people in Bangladesh who are considered as a burden and not asset for the nation. They are: (i) Rickshaw pullers; (ii) Drivers of private cars who are not sufficiently educated; (iii) Servants or domestic workers in most of the rich and middle-income families (traditionally these people are known as kajer chele, kajer meye, kajer bua, kajer beti etc.) (iv) Day labourers and illiterate workers. (v) Street children and children working in different sectors in the country including village areas. The most vicious problem of these above five categories of people is that they are not aware of the realities and value of life; they get marry at the age of 16-20; become father of 2-3 children at the age of 22-25; the wife is also not educated and jobless and as a result a family of four to five members become depended on the sole earning of a single person, i.e. the rickshaw puller, driver or day labourer or worker. Consequently, they can neither provide sufficient food to their children nor can provide education for their children for a long term and as a result, these growing number of children just add the number of the above five categories of people who are just burden for the society. Of the above groups the last group is posing the greatest threat to the nation. This is because they will remain illiterate for the whole of their life and eventually at the age of 15-18 they will get marry and will give birth to children with no future for their life but the nation will have to bear their burden as long as they live with the unmanageable pressure of adding up to these number by future generation who will eventually remain illiterate. An illiterate person has little opportunity and knowledge to spread up in his area of activities and as a result there will be no scope of economic development in the country. CCB Foundation invites you all to be part of its team, its movement- “Education, education and only education for a generation of our children can make the whole nation rich, happy and developed.” If you know any child anywhere in the country who is poor but meritorious or has a high potential to develop in any field of education, please let us know and we will try our best to assist him/her up to his/her higher education. A Request to the Rich and Well-Off People Do you cherish a hope to see that budding talents among poor children from your locality are not lost? Do you want these children to see the light of hope for development in their lives with education? Do you expect prevention of dropping out of children from school at earlier age? You may cherish a hope; you may have earnest interest, ability and mentality for financial assistance; but you may not have time, labour and direction for accomplishing this. In this case, CCB Foundation will assist you in all possible ways. You can also assist and contribute to funding talents’ assistance and nourishing scheme by providing a part of scholarship or lump sum grant. CCB Foundation is committed to assist and nourish budding talents among poor students. The Foundation has undertaken some sustainable projects to identify and nourish talents among poor students. If you are interested to provide the cost of 4/5 poor meritorious children of your locality, you may contact us. We are always close to you to help so that these budding talents are not lost or derailed. CCB Foundation will maintain accounts of your fund and help those children in nourishing their merits in all respects. Request to Teachers and Guardians Respected Teachers and Guardians, You are the engineers of nation-building. You know, educating a child means sowing seeds for a better educated future generation- a better educated nation. You know which child is sincere and has talents hidden or express, but there is a possibility that these budding talents may be lost due to financial limitations in upcoming future. So, we are requesting you whole-heartedly- please let us know about that child and help us in finding him/her. Get the child registered for CCB Scholarship Examination. If he/she is unable to pay the fee, there is a provision of free registration. It is your entire little step and help which can save a budding talent to flourish from derailed. You will die one day but the child that you have selected for TINUP will remember your name with pride and respect and thus a talented child, on the brink of being dropped out will have an environment to educate himself/herself.

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