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CCB Scholarship Examination 2019

Talent Nurturing Scholarship Exam 2019 (Class IV and V) was held on the last Friday of December 2019. Exam was held on 2 (two) subjects – Bengali 2nd paper and English 2nd paper. Students of different Government institutes, Private institutes and NGOs can attend the exam. Terms and conditions: 1. Syllabus is to be collected in the first week of December by giving Tk. 30-50/00 as registration fee. 2. The qualified students will get Tk. 200/150/100 per month and they will also get one-time financial support. 3. As the main objective of the project is nurturing talent, it pays attention to those students who are talented. The Foundation also provides support to the recipients of scholarship by giving stipend, loan etc. so that they can continue their studies at high school, college and university level. CCB Scholarship Examination 2019 was held in Sharankhola, Bagerhat in December 2019 and result will be published while the Corona pandemic is over. For further information, please contact via email at or Mobile: 01713001531, 01757931487.

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